Who We Were Before

by And Away They Go

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This album is a brief compilation of some of our favorite tracks from our previous incarnation (Glass Halo)'s full-length album, "The World Through Different Eyes." We're currently in the process of recording new material, but wanted to be able to give you something until the new songs are available.


released October 23, 2011


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And Away They Go Indianapolis, Indiana

After taking a bit of a hiatus to write and record, Indianapolis-based And Away They Go is back with a new song and a more fully realized sound and style that is the result of a songwriting partnership that began more than a decade.

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Track Name: Requiem
Don’t let the sun set on my life
I’m not ready to go
Have I done everything I can to be remembered?
Oh I don’t want to leave unknown

And tell me; have I changed your life?
Did I ever make you feel better?
Tell me that every now and then you’ll think of me
Tell me that you’ll remember
The way we were

I feel I’m running out of time
And the truth is setting in
When I think back on my life I feel I did alright
Just never wanted it to end

As I look into your eyes
I can see that you’re afraid
Don’t you worry, darling; everything will be alright
I’ll close my eyes and be on my way

And know that you have changed my life
You have always made me feel better
And I am thankful for the time that you have spent with me
And I will always remember
The way we were
Track Name: You Can't Save Me
The innocence in your eyes says it all
You’ll try to keep me from falling
But shelve your good intentions

And you’ll reach, but your reach is too short for me
You might as well let me be
There’s no time for intervention

You can’t save me
No matter how you try
I’m gonna live and die
By my own devices

In time, in time I might realize
See the world through different eyes
But your time is wasted waiting

Oh you can’t save me from every rainy day
And you can’t save me from throwing this away
Track Name: Call to Change
Teetering on the edge of existence
The pedestal we stood upon has collapsed
A testament to the failure of persistence
Into historic blunders we have relapsed
All of our walls have come crumbling down

Can you tell me, what’s that over the horizon?
What’s the glow coming from behind the hill?
Is it a new dawn or is it a war for fighting?
Should I rest at ease or prepare to kill?
All of our faith has come crumbling

Come on get on the train
This one is breaking through
Answer the call to change
It only takes a few
Come on get on the train
This one is breaking through
Breaking through all the chains
That are holding us

Tell me, are you going to join the revolution?
Do you believe that we can find a better way?
With the right hope we can change this institution
And maybe we will rise again as one someday
All of these walls must come crumbling
Track Name: Going Nowhere
Now our heads are spinning round
Our wheels are spinning on the ground
We’re going nowhere
Yeah we’re going nowhere

Just when I think our time is full
I find we’re falling down a hole
That’s going nowhere
Yeah we’re going nowhere

But here we are again
Chasing dreams around a bend
Nothing goes our way
We’ll live to try another day

We try to keep a brighter view
Fame and fortune yeah
We’ll find you someday
Yeah we’ll find you someday

And when we face the darkest nights
We’ll keep our eyes on city lights
We’ll reach them someday
Yeah we’ll find them someday

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